The surprise

The surprise


      The clarification of complementary opposites is essential to understanding/meaning and the development of ideas. Hot/cold, high/low, etc. People within the Establishment and those outside it have played different roles, but both groups have contributed equally to the clarification of negative concepts and with that, toward the development of the complementary positive concepts. Both groups have also lost contact with the greater form of happiness in their daily lives and have instead accepted living with the lesser. The one, by abandoning their original identity and securing the role of leader for themselves, the other by abandoning their original identity and accepting the role of led. The greater form of happiness is subject to nature’s laws alone. With this comes the surprise: There is no “us vs them”. No matter which group you belong to, the path to the greater form of happiness is the same.

The surprise. The path is the same for both. 1


       In our idea-based world, ideas are developed by clarifying complementary opposites. Clarification of the negative is the prerequisite for being able to choose the positive.  When we are all one, we all help explore these opposites. It’s just that we explore them from the different perspectives of our different roles.

       Thanks to professional science’s stellar performance in the parody of science, we can finally see established science is actually an automatic defense of an all-encompassing superstition. It’s thanks to the Establishment’s flawless execution of the parody of leadership and management that we can finally see it’s really systemized destruction of life and happiness. It’s thanks to we grassroot people’s performance of the parody of courage and propriety that we can finally see the result is our complete slavery and support of unlimited destruction.

Nature’s law 1

      It doesn’t matter who among us has had which role. Together, we’ve clarified the negative complementaries. The fruit of this labor is that we can now point out the positive complementaries.

We can cast aside all thoughts of blaming and punishing those who’ve spearheaded the negative complementary ideas.

       From the material viewpoint, it looks as though today’s situation is a contest where the people within the Establishment have won happiness and those outside it have lost. But this rat-race has been a competition for mere insignificant baubles. When the world is idea-based and happiness is available in very different magnitudes, both have lost.


Nature’s law 2
The laws of nature

The laws for the greater form of happiness and fulfillment

       We don’t live in a world created by gods and devils, but in a world forged by all of creation’s shared core of CONSCIOUSNESS and INTELLIGENCE. We don’t live in a world where acts of evil are punished by an almighty and vengeful god, but in a world where the ideas we put into action are a boomerang that comes back and hits us. In a world where the master idea is Cause and our personal world Effect. A regulated and law-abiding world.

       The language is new. The accuracy contributed by science is new. But the content is basically the same as myths and legends, fairy tales, religions, and folklore in their naïve narratives have tried to tell us. Which is, that our practiced ideas, motives and actions come back to haunt us. No idea, no motive and no act can be hidden. Practiced ideas that benefit everything and everyone lead to a life lived in happiness and fulfillment. And ideas that spread despair and death to others lead to despair and death for ourselves.

       Civilization is the attempt to outfox the laws of nature. It has never worked. Instead, it has only led us farther and farther away from the experience of happiness and meaning. For we live in fairy tales’ and ancient wisdom’s world where everything is connected.  The core of consciousness and intelligence sees all and knows all. Nothing exists other than what it thinks. Whether we’re conscious of what kind of master idea we activate by practicing our ideas, or whether we’ve let ourselves sink into indifference doesn’t come into it. The core of our consciousness knows and realizes our practiced master idea. The effect comes back and hits us with law-abiding precision.

       With this comes the surprise. When the world is idea-based and happiness is available in quite other dimensions, both those within the Establishment and those outside it have lost: 

The old differences between the two groups no longer exist. Both groups can gain the great wealth of happiness only by implementing the exact same changes.

The changes

       Politics and political parties are inventions made for a material world. When the world is actually idea-based, political efforts to produce and allot insignificant and meager rewards help keep the greater form of happiness and fulfillment at arm’s length. We can only steer toward happiness if we forget politics and instead come up with solutions that follow nature’s laws for happiness. This isn’t as hard to do as one might think; abiding by the laws of nature was the original system before civilization evolved.

       The system that evolved is the one we now know.

The priorities:

The supreme goal. - Economic growth is the ultimate goal.

The unavoidable consequence. - Business and production have first priority.

The instruments:

  • The constitution. - The parts of the constitution and statutes formed to stimulate and protect business and production.
  • The national institutions. - The institutions formed to stimulate and safeguard business and production.
  • The owner’s role. - The owners dictate.
  • The role of the owned. - The owned may share in the power to decide only in matters of trifling importance = representative democracy.
  • The daily bread. - Wage slavery: making a living is transformed into mandatory overdose under the threat of ‘it’s either that or nothing’.
  • The free market. - Free trade/competition; an open door for military and civilian warfare to seize resources and markets.
  • The free market. Globalization; an open door for military and civilian warfare to seize anyone’s resources and markets anywhere in the world.
  • The international institutions. - UN, G20, G8, World Bank, IMF, WTO, WEF, NATO - international organizations that promote the owner’s goals and weaken the owned.
  • The big alliances. - BRICS, USA, EU, EFTA, ...; alliances that promote the owner’s goals and weaken the owned.


       If it’s the greater, true happiness we want, there’s no way we can salvage any of this. It’s impossible; every bit of it violates the laws of nature that pertain to happiness.

       And why would anyone want to save this system? Both groups can only lose by protecting it. Both groups can only win by phasing it out.

The surprise. The path is the same for both. 2
The laws of nature