Experiments with extreme joy

Experiments with

extreme Joy


      These pages introduce 4 different experiments. One of them, Experiment 0, is an experiment you’ve already been included in and are involved in daily. The other three are experiments you’ve probably never heard of. Two of them verify the new governing theory, The First Unified Theory. The most interesting thing about them is their ability to unleash joy in astonishing magnitudes. You’ll also find detailed instructions for two of them so you’ll be able to try them yourself .

The joy he sees in the distance

To the right a schematic way of expressing the Joy he sees in the distance…….

New level of joy
Experiments and new leweøl of joy

All of the experiments are tufted on the following premise:

Master ideas are cause.

The level of joy is effect.

       Practicing a specific set of spin-off ideas results in a specific effect, a specific level of joy. The lower the level of understanding we practice, - that is our understanding about how reality is constructed (Fundamental Force and Basic Function) and about how the characteristic idea-based logic works (New Logic) - the less enjoyable are the effects. And the better the level of understanding about these fundamental laws of nature we put into practice, the more enjoyable the effects. The reason is simple.

       THE CORE constantly broadcasts information in one format only, the sublime MASTER IDEA with the effects sublime INHERENT SUPPORT and JOY. This universe is available to all. But each of us takes in only as much of it as our level of understanding allows. That is, only as much as the level of understanding you practice with your normal master idea. With this master idea, you realize your own version of the available universe. In short, the level of understanding you practice decides how much inherent support and happiness you experience.

       When we talk here of Experiments 0, 1, 2, and 3, we’re talking about experiments with your or my personal master idea. When we talk about altering master ideas, we’re talking about changing your or my personal master idea. When we talk about improving master ideas, we’re talking about improving your or my personal master idea, meaning we improve our understanding of the fundamental laws of nature and receive more of the support and vast degree of happiness/fulfillment.

      Here’s a simple presentation of the specific experiments. 


Experiment 1 andExperiment 2 are organized experiments that result in flashes of extreme Joy and sublime JOY. They verify the theory’s assumptions about dramatic levels of joy. They also verify the new governing theory and the specific ideas in the atom. You’ll find a presentation of the results for both experiments on these pages. You’ll also find a detailed description of how both are set up (how you can perform them yourself).

       Experiment 0 encompasses your life and your attempts to experience happiness before knowing about the new governing theory. There’s a short presentation that points out the differences between the way your daily experiment is set up compared with how Experiments 1 and 2 are set up and what it is that leads to such dramatic differences in the happiness experienced. Experiment 0 isn’t about flashes of extreme joy like Experiments 1 and 2, but about permanent levels of joy.

       Experiment 3 is about your life and possibilities to experience happiness after learning about the new governing theory. That is, about the possibilities to perpetually experience more of these recently discovered quantities of joy. Experiment 3 is also about permanent levels of joy.


NB! Before you decide to try to perform Experiment 1 or Experiment 2 yourself, I strongly recommend you read the page entitled Attention!

NB! The following pages present a sketch of the set up for Experiment 3. Several of the details can be deduced from the sketch. Some of you might ferret them out and take a chance on starting Experiment 3 on your own before they’ve been presented with the better starting point of a more thorough understanding of The First Unified Theory as they will be in the book The Third Experiment. That situation isn’t ideal. But to be honest, there’s no more risk involved in Experiment 3 than in Experiment 0, which is full of difficulties and questionable surprises. If you still want to begin on your own right away, I recommend you start by reading the page entitled Attention! one more time.