The book

The book introducing The First Unified Theory

According to The First Unified Theory, the fundamental force in the universe is the attraction toward joy. The theory also states there is far more joy and fulfillment available to us than we enjoy today. Experiments 1 and 2 confirm both statements.

While the article is a succinct presentation of the theory itself, the book is made with the aim of equipping the reader so they may explore the unique possibilities engendered by the theory’s new form of logic. The book’s Parts I and II provide a far more comprehensive presentation of The First Unified Theory. Based on this more comprehensive platform, a field guide for life in a new reality is drawn up in Part III. (The field guide also represents the criteria for Experiment 3.)

The book presenting The First Unified Theory is entitled Tongas Azure – About The First Unified Theory, the new logic and how it can change your life. An announcement will be made on this website when the book is published and made available to the public.