You’ll find two pages with tips

that should make it easier to understand the article.

(Written especially for those who don’t have a background in science.)

At the page entitled About science you’ll find some characteristic traits of the tradition of science. Some of these characteristics are very good, maybe even ingenious. Others are probably very different than you’ve pictured science as being; subjective, disorganized, inefficient…. Together they’ll give your insight quite a boost. And with that, your self-confidence. These two are most important things you’ll need when you read the article.

At the page entitled Einstein’s Quest you’ll find a very simple introduction to the most surprising things about science: Paradigm shifts and exchanging one form of logic with another, and with this; changing what we think is logical/rational. This is probably the area in science University-educated people know the least about. (During my years at a faculty for mathematics and natural sciences at a Norwegian University none of this was mentioned.) Just a little of this information will contribute greatly to your boost of insight and self-confidence. As I said above, these two are the most important things you’ll need when you read the article.