Letter to F C

The First Unified Theory 

The solution to Einstein's Quest

Letter to Fritjof Capra


       From your writings and lectures on deep ecology I have reason to believe you will find interest in the first TOE / GUT to be verified with positive results and confirmed with experiments; The First Unified Theory. With the logic characteristic of The First Unified Theory, ideas such as deep ecology and the unity of all things are transformed from inspiring metaphysics, with its poor reputation among main stream scientists, to corner-stones in empirical science. In addition, they become prerequisites for attaining new levels in the joy of living. (The new levels of joy can be studied in Experiment 1 and Experiment 2.)

       Background: In 1988 an extraordinary proposal from (physicist) David Bohm was presented to The Society of Physics at the University in Oslo via the Norwegian author Erik Dammann (a close friend Arne Naess). Bohm stated the traditional strategy in the search for a Great Unifying Theory, where matter is regarded cause and conscience an effect, seemed to create unsolvable problems. He suggested trying the opposite strategy wherein what he called a universal spiritual principle is cause and matter is effect. The strategy was eagerly discussed at the Faculty of Physics the following weeks. Unfortunately, the positive response did not result in any candidates for a new governing theory within professional science. But it’s here now - developed by someone far removed from the established scientific community.

       The First Unified Theory is a new reductionistic governing theory that explains all types of phenomena, complies with all known physical laws, and is confirmed by ordinary verification and with the experiments mentioned above. I’m guessing you’ll like Experiment 2. Not only because it confirms the new theory as to the specific elementary ideas in the atom and the quality of the forces, but because it confirms the basic logic of the theory as well, and the unity of all creations - the empiric reality behind the concept of deep ecology. 


Note 1! Please read Attention before you try Experiment 1 or 2 for yourself or, if you choose to, before recommending it to others.

Note 2: Also should you choose to do so, before you introduce The First Unified Theory, I’d recommend some basic philosophy of science. Those students not already familiar with Thomas Kuhn and Paul Feyerabend on scientific methods would probably benefit greatly from reading Decisive 12 minutes, a crash course in science and scientific verification. (It transcends everything I learned about it during 5 years of science at the University in Oslo.)

       On the homepage for The First Unified Theory, under the heading Experiments with extreme joy, is also an introduction to the all-important Experiment 3.  Under Ball and Chain you’ll find a simplified presentation of this experiment and how the new levels of joy can be made available by changing everyday life and society. This aspect, how we can utilize the new knowledge to access the higher levels of joy, is the main goal of the book presenting the new governing theory.  (To emphasize this practical goal as the most important aspect of the new theory rather than the theory’s technical scientific contents, the book will be entitled The Third Experiment.)

       Until now, the reason we do the things we usually do is our hope this will result in joy and fulfillment. But knowing of the newly discovered, far higher levels of joy and understanding the new laws we must follow to gain access to them, changes everything. With this knowledge and understanding, the reason to do and create what we usually do – to live a normal life in the civilization we’ve helped create - is gone. Reason now points in the opposite direction; toward joy and fulfillment being attainable through the practical re-implementation of the relationships between every living species, toward the things that have been utterly dismissed and overridden by civilization, but greatly appreciated and recommended in deep ecology.

Best wishes from

Gunnar Holth

       I am a biologist, by the way (UiO 1973 - 79), but in no way formally connected with established science. The First Unified Theory is the product of a private initiative.