The new theory

The new theory

The First Unified Theory



On these pages you’ll find 2 different presentations of the new theory. The theory in 1000 words and Theory article.


The theory in 1000 words is a condensed version. It presents the characteristic traits of The First Unified Theory and gives an elementary comparison of the new theory vs. the old. It doesn't provide enough information for you to be able to weigh the new theory against the old yourself. Nor does it include background for the experiments.


Theory article is a more comprehensive presentation. It outlines the problems with the old theory, includes the characteristic traits of the new, and presents a number of the problems it solves. The article contains sufficient insight into scientific method to equip anyone who wishes it, to be able to weigh the new theory against the old on their own. You’ll also find useful information about how you can perform Experiments 1 and 2 yourself (the experiments that result in flashes of extreme Joy and ultimate JOY). It does not include the details necessary for attempting Experiment 3 (a perpetual increase in joy).


The book The Third Experiment will present The First Unified Theory in enough detail to complete the verification. Emphasis will be placed on explaining the interactions that are decisive when developing our personal Experiment 3. In other words, it outlines how we can gradually go about continually filling our lives with more happiness – and a better quality of happiness and fulfillment than we ever thought possible. The book will be made available on the web as soon as it's ready.