Theory short

Theory short

The First Unified Theory

       Today’s material worldview is tufted on a 2300 year old assumption that everything is built up from matter (interpreted as lifeless things). The assumption seemed so obvious that we in science have always regarded it the truth.  That’s why scientists haven’t questioned its validity or, when explanatory problems have cropped up, kept in mind that it’s subject to scrutiny. And serious problems have cropped up. I) Normally, the assumption about matter should’ve been confirmed through standard verification processes long ago. This verification has never taken place. In fact, verification shows the interpretation of the atom as a lifeless thing made up of lifeless things makes it impossible to explain reality’s phenomena. II) It has never been confirmed by experiments, either. Not one experiment in the history of science has confirmed that matter, as lifeless thing, exists.

         A scientific theory must be confirmed by at least one of these two. If not, it is nothing more than a hypothesis. Confirmation, or positive verification, is the only thing that can ensure a theory is tufted on experience, and therefore the only thing separating science from superstition or belief. This means today’s established material hypothesis isn’t empiric (experience-based) science at all, but a construct based on belief. It qualifies as a hypothesis, along the same lines as religions, but not as a theory.

       There’s now a new theory-candidate. It’s comprised of one founding assumption (Single Principle) and three logical consequences:

  • Single Principle: An entity of infinite CONSCIOUSNESS and INTELLIGENCE is THE CORE OF REALITY. It has always existed, will always exist and is the cause for everything.


Consequence 1 - Basic Function: With CONSCIOUSNESS and INTELLIGENCE as the starting point, master ideas are formed. These master ideas are comprised of two parts. The first part describes Intended Creation. The second describes the ability to realize Intended Creation. As the master idea describes reality, so becomes the universe.

Consequence 2 - Governing Force: With CONSCIOUSNESS and INTELLIGENCE as the starting point for the formation of ideas, the attraction toward happiness becomes the governing force and the maximation of happiness the steering principle for creation.

Consequence 3 - New Logic: Only applied master ideas create reality. (Theoretical ideas, that is to say, master ideas not put into practice in our lives, create no reality.)


       The First Unified Theory has been confirmed and positively verified. I) When the atom is interpreted, not as a fundamental physical element, but as a fundamental idea, it’s possible to explain all types of phenomena (see Article). II) The elementary components that make up the atom are confirmed by experiments.

       Which brings us to the one thing that’s important about all this; the difference it can make in our lives. Until now we’ve all based our lives on scientific or religious hypotheses. None of them give us prospects of very much happiness here on earth. The worldview and strategies for how we can/should live our lives based on these hypotheses lead to the kind and level of happiness we call “a normal life”. But the worldview and laws of nature the new theory gives us reveal possibilities for experiencing happiness far beyond our wildest dreams.