The Holy Grail of Physics science has sought in vain, has been found.

Vitenskapens mål - våre mål.

We are back


       The picture on the left is an early stage of rowan berry jelly and has nothing to do with anything. It has been inserted to highlight that there is life and movement behind this otherwise stagnant web. We are now back after lengthy preparations.

       Well. Almost. Due to the large workload, we had to find a web designer. A very good one. We found him! He will start work on improving the new platform as soon as he recovers from the shock meeting with my excellent taste and overwhelming skills in web design.


        The plans are as some of you already know:

The happiness and fulfillment many believe in and seek, has been found.


       The first thing on the agenda is to publish a new website, RebelsFAQ.com. It will be online in the first half of December.

RebelsFAQ is going to present what is already here at firstunifiedtheory.com and develop it further. In addition, we hope some of you smart folks who feel comfortable with the science part are ready to get smarter and look for opportunities to gradually experience more of the extreme joy of Experiment 1 and 2 on a permanent basis. With RebelsFAQ.com we will offer this for free. Here's how….

       RebelsFAQ will also draw in those who until now have only been interested in the consequenses of The First Unified Theory and usually stick to originaldeal.net. Wewill draw them in by moving the information they've been interested in over to RebelsFAQ. Their interests? To forget he old political strategies designed to hunt joy on low levels, start from scratch and build a new strategy using the laws of nature from The First Unified Theory. Two of the main tools of the new strategy and therefore their main interests are the Original Deal and Direct Democracy.

Neighbors are coming

       The idea is naturally also to open the doors to these excellent originaldeal.net users, and give them access to the theoretical background of extreme Joy (currently only available on firstunifiedtheory.com). With the opportunity to evaluate the new theory for themselves, perhaps making a serious effort with Experiments 1 and 2, they will possibly become less satisfied with the minimal pleasures of ordinary life and more eager to hunt big game.

Rebels University

       Among other things on RebelsFAQ you will (during spring) find Rebels University. Rebels University is a self-service university where you can get a master's degree while the potatoes are boiling. Since our dear universities have lost themselves in unimportant details we hope this may inspire people to stay home and take the pressure off our educational system. We see a future where those who like potatoes are the new generation of professors.

       While this is going on, we are publishing 2 books. There will be more information related to the books on RebelsFAQ when it is opened. Both books will be published in English and Norwegian. RebelsFAQ will also be in two languages. So far, we are a bit short on the English part of origi-naldeal.net stuff and therefor also on RebelsFAQ. (Mainly because Cindy’s English translations are more accurate and well formulated than my Norwegian originals and I am very reluctant to rewrite anything. I have developed the bad habit of publishing my Norwegian texts fast and in secret.)

The two books

       The first book is about the new main theory, the one that replaces the old material one. This book may appear to be for the smarties who visit firstunifiedtheory.com, but it is written to make sense for the general non-academic walkers and bathers who are even smarter since they first and foremost look for a happier life.

Book 1;

The First Unified Theory - Cowboys and Scientists

       The second is about the consequences of the new main theory. Especially the search for more steady access to the great Joy which has been confirmed in glimpses by experiments. Eventually we hope for help from guests on RebelsFAQ to be able to present several types of wild experiments with views from great heights.

Book 2;

The Third Experiment - An uncivilized handbook for life


Newtons help

       In a week or two, we will start a small series of articles that builds up to the book releases and RebelsFAQ. As we all know, Isaac Newton was an expert on motion. The article series contributes Newton's last advice from the grave. Tired as he is of the total lack of movement that characterizes those of us with uncivilized ideas, his advice might be useful.


       As you can see with your own eyes things are getting worse. Now I even publish texts in English before Cindy gets her hands on it.

       Preparations for RebelsFAQ are going on behind the window to the right. Conditions look favorable. Enough stockfish on the other side of the house for two rebels five weeks.


Do you have a problem

you want to solve?

Then you’ll have to look for solutions you don’t find trustworthy or appealing; solutions that require new and provocative thinking. - If so, you may have found the right website.

Do you have a problem

you want to keep?

Then keep looking for solutions you find trustworthy, appealing, and that gratify your ego.  – You won’t find anything like that on this website. Guaranteed.

Is there any guarantee this solution will make things better and not worse?

You’re kidding, right?

Off-the-scale levels of

happiness and fulfillment

Verified with experiments

A new scientific theory,

The Holy Grail of Physics 

Verified with eksperiments

For our private lives

       Of those reading this, 99% take it for granted progress involves using the methods established by society to try and achieve the goals set by society.

       Not so. Progress involves going in the direction where we find most happiness and meaning. The experiments show us happiness and meaning exist in much greater magnitudes and are to be found in a different direction than we’ve been going until now. Progress is to go in that direction.